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Bxxxxt has hijacked a lot of my attention recently. The story ‘Midnight’s Orphans’ is one of the results and the poem (after Tennyson), recently published by Queen Mob’s Teahouse, is another. Both can be found on the sidebar menu. I have also written letters and articles and posts, some of which can now be found at Comment or Archive (see header menu).

Paul Ebdon, an artist based in North Norfolk (UK), has made twenty-eight A3-size paintings (oil on primed paper) to illustrate (and comment upon) a novella I first drafted in the 1970s and have never previously published. Fourteen of the images can now be viewed here, as can the novella. Click on the sidebar at Ebdon-Woodall.

Sweets and Toxins, a selection of my short stories, was published by Dalkey Archive Press in 2018.

‘Lying to be Cruel’, one of the stories in Sweets and Toxins, was included in Best European Fiction 2019 (edited by Alex Andriesse).

‘Midnight’s Orphans’, a one-off story relating to Brexit, was published in 2018 by Berfrois.com. See sidebar.

November, my debut novel, was published by Dalkey Archive Press in December 2016. For a synopsis, excerpts, reviews and interviews, please click on the sidebar under ‘November’.


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To purchase copies of November and Sweets and Toxins, please click on the book covers:


Please note that an e-book version of November is now available.

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For information on the extraordinary Dalkey Archive Press and to see their catalogue go to: www.dalkeyarchive.com
Also see interview with John O’Brien, Dalkey’s founder: http://totallydublin.ie/more/features-more/interview-john-obrien-dalkey-archive-press/

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