About Christopher Woodall

Christopher Woodall was born in London. Between leaving school in 1971 and starting work ten years later as a jobbing translator, he travelled in Europe, the Maghreb and East Africa, worked in factories, a restaurant, language schools, a crude-oil facility, and on the land, took two degrees (BA English at Cambridge, Sciences du Langage at Bordeaux), acquainting himself along the way with the French, Italian, Spanish and German languages.

Between 1981 and 2006 – while translating and both deepening and extending his linguistic reach – he served as a UK-stringer for an Italian daily, worked in market research, did a brief spell of university teaching, and each year set aside a couple of months to explore a vast and, for the first twenty years, inchoate fictional project first conceived in 1977.

From 2007 until 2013, Christopher Woodall was able to work almost full-time on the said project and November, which was published in December 2016 by Dalkey Archive Press, is its first instalment. Currently he is working on the sequel to November. He has also started to draft a novel exploring the life of Edmondo Peluso. Meanwhile, Sweets and Toxins, a selection of twelve of his short stories was published by Dalkey in November 2018. He lives in England with his partner and their son.


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Petra Wildenhahn’s lithographs: I should like to restate my gratitude to Petra Wildenhahn for permission to reproduce one of her lithographs as a frontispiece to November and to include another within this website. Her work can be viewed at her website: petrawildenhahn.de