Stranger Than/Beneath the Tide – words by Christopher Woodall, images by Paul Ebdon.

You can click on any of the first fourteen thumbnails below for an enlarged view of each of the corresponding fourteen paintings.

Beneath each of the enlarged versions, you will find some passages from the novella that relate directly to the image and also a brief identification of allusions and references used by Paul.

Links are provided to Paul’s Introduction and to The Novella, at the end of which, Christopher has written a brief Afterword.  

Within the novella itself, I have also provided at the relevant places footnote-like links to the first fourteen of Paul’s images.

A---Andy-Warhol-and-Finnegans-Wake B---Michael-Landry,-Tate,-James-Joyce,November-CW,-Madam-Luxembourg,-Francis-Bacon,-Ludwig-Forum-Aachen C---Josepg-Beuys D---The-Prisoner
E---Manzoni,Walead-Beshty,-The-Prisoner,-Heatherwick F---Sara-Lucas G---Salvadore-Dali,-Alfred-Hitchcock,-Tim-Etchells H---Gavin-Turk,-Magritte,-Duchamp
I---Perec,-Borges J---Picasso,-Vivian-Westwood,-Duchamp-Stanley-Spencer,-OZ-IT-Magazine,-Gunter-Grass-C-Woodall K---Cornelia-Parker,-George-Groz,-Tracey-Emin,-C-Woodall,-Perce L---Peter-Doig,-Gavin-Turk
M---Magritte N---Ensor,-Researcher-at-Cambrigde-University O---Homer-Simpson,-Proust,-Beano,-Ray-Bradbury P---Ray-Bradbury,-SpongeBob-Square-Pants
Q---Ray-Bradbury,-Proust,-Beano,-Mickey-Mouse R---Neils-Bohr,-Klimt,-Proust,-Andy-Warhol,-Spielberg,-Melia-and-Eelia-Damien-Hirst S---Francis-Bacon,-White-Cube-Gallery T---Manet,-Degas,-Magrite,-Braque,-Enstien,-Quentin-Crisp
U---Magritte,-Quentin-Crisp V--Oldenburg,-Francis-Bacon W - Clifford Brown, Bruegel X - Peter Doig
Y - Banksy, Bruegel Z - Matthew Starling, Edgar Allen Poe £ - Ecsher, Stanley Spencer & - James Joyce, Chekov

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